Awards of the Year 2019

Young Scientist Awards

  • Dr. Juraj Fedor
    J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, public research institute
    This award was presented for significant scientific contribution towards experimental study of the interaction between electrons and molecules

Grammar School Student Awards

  • Veronika Babyrádová
    “Teaching set on the topic of poisonous plants ocurring in this country“
    Grammar school and Secondary Vocational School of Medicine and Economics in Výškov
  • Jakub Dokulil
    “Autofocusing module for a coherence-controlled holographic microscope“
    Grammar School in Brno, Křenová
  • Adam Křivka
    “The mechanics of families of minor planets with application to the Eunomia family“
    Cyril and Methodius Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School of Pedagogy in Brno
  • Kateřina Kudličková
    “Mysterious proteins from the RNFT family in intra-cellular signalisation and tumours”
    Grammar school in Brno-Řečkovice
  • Tereza Slavíková
    “The size of the population of the critically endangered Spotted darter  (Sympetrum depressiusculum) on the pond in Borovec u Příbora“
    Masaryk Grammar School, Příbor
  • Jakub Sochor
    “Study of preparation and the properties of superheavy elements”
    Grammar school in Blovice
  • Marco Souza de Joode
    “CzeV681 Cyg: determination of the properties of type δ Sct pulsating stars”
    Grammar School Nad Štolou, Prague 7
  • Šimon Straka
    “The history of lime and cement production at Mokrá u Brna“
    Grammar School and Primary School of Art in Šlapanice
  • Sára Svobodová
    Grammar School Botičská, Prague 2
  • Václav Zvoníček
    “Chain fragments and methods of revealing the divisors of large integers”
    Grammar School Brno, třída Kapitána Jaroše

Learned Society of the Czech Republic Award for Pedagogues

  • Ing. Viléma Koutník, CSc.
    Secondary Industrial School of Chemistry in Brno
  • RNDr. PhDr. Ivo Králíček, Ph.D.
    Bishop’s Grammar School of B. Balbín in Hradec Králové