Smetánka Zdeněk

Assoc. Prof., PhDr., CSc.
Born October 21, 1931, † 2017

  • Mediaeval archaeology
  • Member of Learned Society since 1995

Educational and professional preparation:

  • 1950-1955, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University (FP CU), Prague (history of art and prehistory);
  • 1956-1960, post-graduate study;
  • 1961, CSc.; 1967, PhDr.;
  • 1992, Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy CU.

Employment and academic positions:

  • 1954-1993, Institute of Archaeology CSAS, Prague;
  • 1972-1990, Head, Department of Mediaeval Archaeology, CSAS;
  • 1963-1993, external lecturer of mediaeval archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy (FP) CU;
  • 1993-2002, FP CU, Head, Seminar for Mediaeval Archaeology; Emeritus worker, Institute for Prehistory and Early History, FP CU;
  • cooperation with Institute of Archaeology, AS CR, Prague, in archaeological research on Prague Castle

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies:

  • Corresponding Member, Mediaeval Settlement Research Group, Great Britain
  • Vice-president for Central and Eastern Europe, International Association for the Archaeology of Medieval Villages and the Rural Milieu (RURALIA), Great Britain-Belgium
  • Honorary Member, Society of Antiquaries of London

Selected publications:

  • Soubor studií o českých gotických kachlích (A collection of studies of Czech gothic tiles), In: Památky archeologické 58, 499-543, 1967 (with O. Topolová); ibid. 59, 543-578, 1968; ibid. 60, 228-265, 1969
  • Život středověké vesnice (Life in Mediaeval Village). Praha 1988
  • Archeologické etudy (Archaeological Etudes), Prague 2003
  • J. Frolík, Z. Smetánka: Archeologie na Pražském hradě (Archaeology at Prague Castle), Prague-Litomyšl, 1997
  • Úplná bibliografie (Complete bibliography): Archeologické rozhledy 43, 1991, 615-623; ibid. 54, 2002, 935-937

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