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Čadek Ondřej

Prof., RNDr., CSc.
Born February 22, 1960 in Prague

  • Geophysics
  • Member of Learned Society since 2017

Educational and professional preparation

  • 1991 – PhD in geophysics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague  (FMP CUP), PhD thesis: Three-dimensional modeling of mantle convection
  • 1991 – 1992 postdoctoral fellowship at Ecole normale supériere in Paris
  • 1997 associate professor of geophysics at FMP CUP, habilitation thesis: Application of seismic tomographic models in geodynamics
  • 2015 professor of geophysics

Employment and academic positions

  • Employed at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, since 1985:
  • assistent professor 1995, associate professor 1997, full professor 2015
  • head of the Department od Geophysics since 2014

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • Member of Scientific Council of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University ,since 2017
  • Member of Scientific Council of Geophysical Institude, Czech Academy of Sciences, 2001-2011

Notable awards

  • Gauss-Professor, Universität Göttingen, 2004

Selected publications

  • Čadek, O., Tobie, G., Van Hoolst, T., Massé, M., Choblet, G., Lefevre, A., Mitri, G., Baland, R-M., Běhounková, M., Bourgeois, O., Trinh, A.: Enceladus's internal ocean and ice shell constrained from Cassini gravity, shape, and libration data, Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 5653-5660, 2016.
  • Běhounková, M., Tobie, G., Čadek, O., Choblet, G., Porco, C., Nimmo, F.: Timing of water plume eruptions on Enceladus explained by interior viscosity structure, Nature Geoscience, 8, 601-604, 2015.
  • Běhounková, M., Tobie, G., Choblet, G., Čadek, O.: Tidally-induced melting events as the origin of south-pole activity on Enceladus, Icarus, 219, 655-664, 2012.
  • Tosi N., Yuen D.A., Čadek O.: Dynamical consequences in the lower mantle with the post-perovskite phase change and strongly depth-dependent thermodynamic and transport properties, Earth Planetary Science Letters, 298, 229-243, 2010.
  • Tobie, G., Čadek, O., Sotin, C.: Solid tidal friction above a liquid water reservoir as the origin of the south pole hotspot on Enceladus, Icarus, 196, 642-652, 2008.
  • Čadek, O. Fleitout, L.: Effect of lateral viscosity variations in the top 300 km on the geoid and dynamic topography, Geophysical Journal International, 152, 566-580, 2003.
  • Čadek, O., Fleitout, L.: A global geoid model with imposed plate velocity and partial layering, Journal of Geophysical Research, 104 (B12), 29,055-29,075, 1999.
  • Kido, M., Čadek, O.: Inferences of viscosity from the oceanic geoid: Indication of a low viscosity zone below the 660-km discontinuity, Earth Planetary Science Letters, 151, 125-138, 1997.
  • Čadek, O., Yuen, D.A., Steinbach, V., Chopelas, A., Matyska, C.: Lower mantle thermal structure deduced from seismic tomography, mineral physics and numerical modelling, Earth Planetary Science Letters, 121, 385-402, 1994.
  • Čadek, O.,  Ricard, Y.: Toroidal/poloidal energy partitioning and global lithospheric rotation during Cenozoic time, Earth Planetary Science Letters, 109, 621-632, 1992.

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XXV. General Assembly of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic

The ceremonial part of the XXV. General Assembly of the Learned Society, at which the Medals of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic Societas Scientarium Bohemica Ad Laudem et Honorem and the awards of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic in the “Young Scientist” and “Grammar School Student” categories were presented, took place on Monday 20 May 2019 in the Great Hall of the Carolinum.


Bolzano lecture by prof. Kip S. Thorne

American physicist Kip S. Thorne, recipient of the Nobel Prize for 2017 for detection of gravitational waves, visited Prague at the invitation of he Learned Society. He held a series of “Bolzano lectures” and a lecture titled “Creating Gravitational-Wave Astronomy” for the Learned Society on 15 May 2019 in the Blue Auditorium of the Carolinum. The lecture was held with the support of the Karel Janeček Foundation and was received very enthusiastically.


XXV. General Assembly

The Czech Learned Society is holding its XXV. General Assembly on 20 and 21 May 2019. The Learned Society’s awards in the “Young Scientist” and “Grammar School Student” categories, Teaching Awards for pedagogic workers who promote interest in science and research at grammar schools and the Learned Society’s medals for meritorious contributions to the advance of science will be presented during a ceremony on 20 May at the Karolinum. Lectures by renowned scientists will also be presented. The second day will be reserved for the working part of the meeting, in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.