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Jurečková Jana

Prof., RNDr., DrSc.
Born September 20, 1940 in Prague

  • Mathematical statistics, probability
  • Member of Learned Society since 2003

Study and professional preparation:

  • 1951, graduate eleven-year academic secondary school, Roudnice n. L.;
  • 1957-1962, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University;
  • 1968, CSc., Institute of Mathematics, CSAS, and RNDr., FMP CU;
  • 1982 Associate Professor, FMP CU;
  • 1985, DrSc., FMP CU;
  • 1995, full Professor of Mathematics, FMP CU

Employment and academic positions:

  • 1962-1964, Prague School of Economics;
  • 1964-present, FMP CU, Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies:

  • 1999 Member, Czech Statistics Council, at Czech Statistical Office

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies:

  • 1980, Member and Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • 1990, Elected Member, International Statistical Institute
  • 1993-1996, Member, European Local Committee, Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
  • 1999-2003, Member, International Committee of Bernoulli Society.

Membership in the editorial boards of professional journals:

  • 1978-1980 and 1992-1997, Annals of Statistics (Award of IMS)
  • 1991-2002, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics (Gordon and Breach)
  • 1986-2003, Sequential Analysis (M. Dekker)
  • 1988-present, Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Wroclaw)
  • 1997-present, Environmetrics (J. Wiley)
  • 2005, Journal of American Statistical Association

Notable awards:

  • Silver and Gold Medals, Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists
  • Medal, FMP CU
  • 1995, Medal, Uniwersytet Lódzki, Poland
  • 2000, Award, Foundation Chaire Francqui au titre étranger, Belgium
  • 200? (doplnit, nebylo v PDF a nenašla jsem na internetu), Award, Rector of Charles University
  • 2002, Medal, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic

Selected publications:

  • J. Jurečková: Asymptotic relations of M-estimates and R-estimates in linear regression models. Annals of Statistics 5, 464-472 (1977)
  • J. Jurečková: Tail behavior of location estimators. Annals of Statistics 9, 578-585 (1981)
  • J. Jurečková and P. K. Sen: A second order asymptotic distributional representation of M-estimators with discontinuous score functions. Annals of Probability 5, 814-823 (1987)
  • C. Gutenbrunner and J. Jurečková: Regression rank scores and regression quantiles. Annals of Statistics 20, 305-330 (1992)
  • J. Jurečková and P. K. Sen: Robust Statistical Procedures: Asymptotics and Inter-relations. J. Wiley, New York (1996)
  • J. Jurečková: Regression rank-score tests against heavy-tailed alternatives. Bernoulli 5, 659-676 (1999)
  • J. Jurečková and M. Hallin: Optimal tests for autoregressive models based on autoregression rank scores. Annals of Statistics 27, 1385-1414 (1999)
  • J. Jurečková: Tests of tails based on extreme regression quantiles. Statistics & Probability Letters 49, 53-61 (2000)
  • Y. Dodge and J. Jurečková: Adaptive Regression. Springer-Verlag, New York (2000)
  • J. Jurečková: Statistical tests on tail index of a probability distribution. METRON, Vol. LXI, 151-190 (2003) (invited article with discussion)

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XXV. General Assembly

The Czech Learned Society is holding its XXV. General Assembly on 20 and 21 May 2019. The Learned Society’s awards in the “Young Scientist” and “Grammar School Student” categories, Teaching Awards for pedagogic workers who promote interest in science and research at grammar schools and the Learned Society’s medals for meritorious contributions to the advance of science will be presented during a ceremony on 20 May at the Karolinum. Lectures by renowned scientists will also be presented. The second day will be reserved for the working part of the meeting, in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


Document on issues concerning the concept of European historiography and the present-day EU

Learned Society Fellow prof. Jiří Pešek signed a Document on issues concerning the concept of European historiography and the present-day EU.


Invitation to the Bolzano Lecture

Invitation to the Bolzano Lecture by prof. Kip S. Thorne on May 15, 2019 and other lectures on May 16 and May 17, 2019

Invitation (PDF, 707 kB)