Kvaček Robert

Prof., PhDr., CSc.
Born July 5, 1932 in Dvorce

  • Member of Learned Society since 2004 

Educational and professional preparation: 

  • 1951, graduate academic secondary school, Jičín; 
  • 1951-1956, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University (FP CU); 
  • 1965, CSc., FP CU; 
  • 1967, PhDr., FP CU; 
  • 1966, Associate Professor in Czechoslovak history; 
  • 1990, Full Professor in Czechoslovak and Czech history, FP CU 

Employment and academic positions: 

  • 1956-1959, assistant lecturer, FP CU; 1959-1967, lecturer, PF CU; 
  • 1967-1990, Associate Professor, PF CU; 
  • 1990-2002, Professor, PF CU; 
  • 2002-present, External Professor, PF CU; 
  • 1998-present, Professor, Pedagogical Faculty, Technical University (PF TU) in Liberec (part time) 

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies: 

  • 1990-1996, Member, Scientific Council, PF CU 
  • 1993-2003, Member, T. G. Masaryk Institute, AS CR (AS CR) 
  • 1998-present, Member, Curatorium of Masaryk Institute 
  • 1998-present, Member, Scientific Council, Hradec Králové University 
  • 1998-present, Member, Scientific Council, PF TU 
  • 2002-present, Member, Assembly of AS CR 
  • 2002-present, Member, Council of National Museum 
  • 2002-present, Member, Scientific Council, Czechoslovak Documentation Centre 
  • 1990, Member, Higher Editorial Board, Czech Historical Journal 
  • 2003-present, Member, Commission for Science of Literary Fund of CR 

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies: 

  • 1993, Member, Czech-Slovak Commission of Historians, Prague-Bratislava 
  • 1995, Member, Czech-Russian Commission of Historians, Prague-Moscow 

Notable awards: 

  • 1976, Annual Award, Mladá fronta Publishing House, Prague 
  • 1984, Annual Award, Melantrich Publishing House, Prague 
  • 1995, 1999, 2001, 2004, E. E. Kisch Award, International Jury, Prague  
  • 1998, Medal, Charles University 
  • 2002, Medal, PF TU, Liberec, 
  • 2003, Annual Award, KALF (Non-fiction Literature Club) and SČS Jury, Prague (for authors of factual literature) 

Selected publications (all in Czech): 

  • Fatal Mission, Prague 1958
  • Cloudy Over Europe, Czechoslovakia and Europe 1933-1937, Prague 1967
  • The History of One Year, Prague 1976
  • On Historical Traditions, Prague 1984
  • And the World Has Changed, Prague 1987
  • Diplomats and the Others, Diplomacy of the Great Three and the Axis, Prague 1988
  • Problematical Allies. Political and Diplomatic Relations between Czechoslovakia and France 1937-1938, Prague 1989
  • The Case of Emil Hácha (together with D. Tomášek), Prague 1995
  • Czech History 1790-1992, Prague 2002
  • The First World War and the Czech Question, Prague 2003

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