Nešetřil Jaroslav

Prof., RNDr., DrSc., Dr.h.c.mult.
Born March 13, 1946 in Brno  

  • Mathematics and computer science  
  • Member of Learned Society since 2004  

Employment and academic positions:  

  • 1969, Charles University, M.Sc.;  
  • 1969, McMaster University (Canada);  
  • 1970, RNDr; 1975, CSc; 1988, DrSc.;  
  • 1987, Associate Professor, CU;  
  • 1993, Professor, geometry and topology, CU;  
  • 1970-present, FMP CU;  
  • 1986-1999, Head, Department of Applied Mathematics, CU;  
  • 1996-present, Founder-Director, Discrete Mathematics in Applications (DIMATIA) International Centre, Prague;  
  • 1999-present, Director, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science (Institut Teoretické Informatiky, ITI), CU;  
  • 1989-1998, member, Scientific Council, FMP, CU  

Notable awards:  

  • 1977, Silver Medal, JěSMF (Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists)  
  • 1985, State Prize for Science (with V. Rodl)  
  • 1996, Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences; Duesseldorf  
  • 2001, Dr.h.c., University of Alaska (USA)  

Selected publications:  

  • Mathematics of Ramsey Theory (V.Rodl, co-author), Springer Verlag, 1990  
  • Mathematics of Paul Erdos (R.L.Graham, co-author) (in two parts), Springer Verlag, 1997  
  • Invitations to Discrete Mathematics (J. Matoušek, co-author), Oxford University Press, 1998  
  • Translations: Czech 1997, German 2001, Japanese 2002, French 2004  
  • Graphs and Homomorphisms (P.Hell, co-author), Oxford University Press, 2004  
  • Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics (P. Winkler, co-author), American Mathematical Society, 2004  
  • About 250 scientific publications

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