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Ošťádal Bohuslav

Prof., MUDr., DrSc.
Born January 28, 1940

  • Experimental cardiology
  • Member of Learned Society since 2015

Educational and professional preparation, employment

  • 1957-1963: Faculty of Pediatric Medicine, Charles University, Prague
  • 1963-1966: Ph.D. training, Department of Pathological Physiology, Faculty of Pediatric Medicine, Charles University, Prague
  • 1966-now: research worker, Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague; Head, Department of Developmental Cardiology (- 2005), Director (1990 -1995), Head, Centre of Cardiovascular Research (2000 - 2012)

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkyně – honorary member
  • Czech Physiological Society – honorary member, founding member of the Section of Experimental Cardiology
  • Czech Society of Cardiology – honorary member
  • Czech Medical Academy – fellow, founding member (2004), committee member (2004-2006), vice-president (2013)
  • Postgraduate education in biomedicine – president of the Coordination Committee
  • Member of the scientific committees of the Charles University (until 2014), 2nd and 3rd Faculty of Medicine

Membership in selected International organizations and societies

  • Fellow of the International Society for Heart Research; member of the world committee (1993-1998)
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences; president of the European Section (2005 – 2009), president elect (2011), president of the world organization (2015-2018)
  • European Academy of Sciences and Arts – member

Notable awards

  • Award of the Ministry of Health 1995
  • Laufberger medal, Czech Physiological Society 1995
  • Memorial Medal of the Charles University in Prague 1998
  • Award of the Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkyne 2000
  • Award „Nummum Academiae Memorialem Tribut“, Slovak Academy of Sciences 2000
  • Medal of Honour J.E.Purkyne, Czech Academy of Sciences 2000
  • Golden medal, 2nd Faculty of Medicine 2000
  • Memorial Medal, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University 2003
  • Norman Alpert Award of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences 2003
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Cardiovascular Sciences of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences 2005
  • Distinguished Achievement Award in Cardiovascular Sciences of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences 2010
  • Memorial Medal, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University 2010
  • Libensky medal, Czech Society of Cardiology 2010
  • Manjeet Singh Oration Award, International Academy of Cardiovascular Science, Indian Section 2011
  • Memorial diploma, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University 2015
  • Medal of Honour G.J. Mendel, Czech Academy of Sciences 2015

Selected publications

  • Ošťádal B, Rychterová V, Poupa O. Isoproterenol-induced acute experimental cardiac necrosis in the turtle (Testudo Horsfieldi) Am Heart J 1968; 76:645-649.
  • Ošťádal B, Ošťádalová I, Dhalla NS. Development of cardiac sensitivity to oxygen deficiency: comparative and ontogenetic aspects. Physiol Rev 1999;79:635-659.
  • Ošťádal B, Kolář F. Cardiac Ischemia: From Injury to Protection. Boston, Dordrecht, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 1999:173pp.
  • Oliviéro P, Chassagne C, Kolář F, Adamy C, Marotte F, Samuel J-L, Rappaport L, Ošťádal B. Effect of pressure overload on angiotensin receptor expression in the rat heart during early postnatal life. J Mol Cell Cardiol 2000; 32:1631-1645.
  • Škárka L, Bardová K, Brauner P, Flachs P, Jarkovská D, Kopecký J, Ošťádal B. Expression of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 3 and adenine nucleotide translocase 1 genes in developing rat heart: putative involvement in control of mitochondrial membrane potential. J Mol Cell Cardiol 2003; 35: 321-330.
  • Netuka I, Szarszoi O, Malý J, Bešík J, Neckář J, Kolář F, Ošťádalová I, Pirk J, Ošťádal B. Effect of perinatal hypoxia on cardiac tolerance to acute ischaemia in adult male and female rats. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2006; 33: 714-719.
  • Rakušan K, Chvojková Z, Oliviero P, Ošťádalová I, Kolář F, Chassagne C, Samuel J-L, Ošťádal B. ANG II type 1 receptor antagonist irbesartan inhibits coronary angiogenesis stimulated by chronic intermittent hypoxia in neonatal rats. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2007; 292: H1237-H1244.
  • Ošťádal B. The past, the present and the future of experimental research on myocardial ischemia and protection. Pharmacol Rep 2009; 61: 3-12.
  • Ošťádal B, Netuka I, Malý J, Bešík J, Ošťádalová I. Gender differences in cardiac ischemic injury and protection-experimental aspects. Exp Biol Med 2009; 234:1011-1019.
  • Ošťádal B, Ošťádal P. Sex-based differences in cardiac ischaemic injury and protection: therapeutic implications. BJP 2014; 171: 541-554.

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Reaction to the case of Tomáš Hudlický: Members of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic support the freedom of expression

„We believe that free exchange of ideas is a key condition for the pursuit of truth and that the honest opinions should be scrutinized, challenged or rebutted but not censored or suppressed,“ say 45 members of the Learned Society in a statement regarding the retracted opinion paper by Prof. Tomáš Hudlický.


The letter by Jan Konvalinka to the President and Vice-Chancellor of the Brock University regarding the retracted article of Prof. Tomáš Hudlický

Opinions could and should be challenged, questioned or refuted but never silenced. In order to be able to think, we have to have the right to inquire, question and even offend or be mistaken,” writes Assoc. Prof. Jan Konvalinka, a biochemist at the IOCB Prague and the Vice-Rector of the Charles University, to Gervan Fearon.


Prof Miroslav Bárta receives the Česká hlava National Government Award

Learned Society member, Prof. Mgr. Miroslav Bárta, Dr. (Charles University Faculty of Arts) received the Česká hlava (Czech Head) National Government Award on 25 November 2019. A renowned Czech Egyptologist and archaeologist, Professor Bárta researches the history of ancient civilisations, the human relationship to the natural environment, and also for many years the evolution of complex societies. He leads the Czech Institute of Egyptology for archaeological and environmental research in Egypt and Sudan. His principal research interest is the period of the pyramid builders of the Old Kingdom.