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Royt Jan

Prof., PhDr., Ing., PhD., DSc.
Born April 20, 1955 in Roudnice nad Labem

  • History of Art, Medieval Panel Paintig, Iconography
  • Member of Learned Society since 2019

Educational and professional preparation

After studying at the Secondary School of Agriculture in Roudnice nad Labem, I graduated from the University of Agriculture in Prague (thesis – the share of alpha and beta resins in hop essential oil, the degree of Ing.[English equivalent MSc]).  Between 1979 and 1983, I studied the history of art at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (thesis: Christ crucified on the grapevine, which was recognized viva voce in 1984; the degree of PhDr.). 1990, I have worked at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University – first as an Assistant Professor and then, since 1997, as an Associate Professor (habilitation thesis: The Image and the Cult in Bohemia in the 17th and 18th Centuries). In 2004, I was appointed professor of art history at Charles University. In 2009, I completed PhD study at the Institute of Christian Art History and, in 2016, I defended the degree Doctor of Historical Sciences (DSc.).

Employment and academic positions

  • 1985-1990, I worked at the Odeon publishing house and since
  • 1990 Institute of Art History at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University
  • 2006-2014 - director of the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague
  • 2000 Institute of Christian Art History  at the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague
  • 2001 Department of History at the Faculty of Arts of  Jan Evangelisty Purkyně  University in Ústí nad Labem
  • 1991 externally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
  • 2014 Vice-rector of Charles University in Prague

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • Council for Scienses of the Charles University in Prague
  • Council for Scienses of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
  • Council for Scienses of the Masaryk University in Brno
  • Council for Scienses of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
  • Council for Scienses of the Pardubice University

Membership and positions in selected international organizations and societies

  • Görres Gesellschaft, (BRD)

Notable awards

  • 2000 Josef Krása Prize – The Art Historian Society in Prague
  • 2009 The Gold Medal of Sainte Adalbert – Archbishop of Prague
  • 2014 Knight of the Papal Order Sainte Gregory the  Great – Vatican-Pope Francis

Selected publications

  • Charles IV. Emperor and King of Bohemia – Visionary and Founder. Praha 2018 , 1051 s., podíl 50 %, ISBN 978-80-7422-461-4 
  • The Master od the Třeboň Altarpiece . Praha 2014, 288 s. ISBN 978-80-246-2261-3.
  • The Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague  Castle. Prague 2016, ISBN 978-80-246-3129-5.
  • Gotické deskové malířství v severozápadních a severních Čechách . Praha: Karolinum, 2015, 350 s. ISBN 978-80-246-3174-5.
  • Středověká desková a nástěnná malba v severozápadních Čechách, in: Klípa Jan / Ottová Michaela (ed.), Bez hranic. Umění v Krušnohoří mezi gotikou a renesancí. Praha 2015,  85-95, 130-131, 200-203, ISBN 978-80-7035-583-1.
  • Panel and Wall Painting, in: Ales Mudra / Michaela Ottová (ed.): (art) without borders. Medieval Art and Architecture in the Ore Mountains Region (1250-1550). Praha 2015,  85-111, ISBN 978-80-7308-594-0
  • Eucharistické alegorie a zázraky, in: Aleš Mudra (ed.), V oplatce jsi všecek tajně. Praha 2017, 213-243, ISBN 978-80-7480-016-0
  • Nástěnné malby v chóru klášterního kostela, in: Michaela Otttová/Aleš Mudra (ed.), Mýtus Ulrych Creutz. Vizuální kultura v Kadani za Jana Hasištejnského z Lobkowicz (1469-1517). Litoměřice 2017 96-104, ISBN 978-80-7308-734-0
  • Slovník biblické ikonografie. Praha 2013 (2 vydání), ISBN 978-80-246-0963-8
  • Das Nachleben Karls IV., in: (Hrsg.)  Jiří Fajt – Markus Hörsch,  Kaiser Karl IV. 1316-2016. Erste Bayerisch –Tschechische  Landesausstellung. Ausstellungkatalog. Prag –Nürnberg 2016, s. 259-265, 329-334, 362-363, 388-389. ISBN 978-80-7035-613-5.

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Luboš Perek is celebrating his 100th year

Founding fellow of the Learned Society and its doyen, astronomer doc. RNDr. Luboš Perek, DrSc, is celebrating his 100th birthday on 26 July 2019. He is an indelible part of history as the person who helped define cosmic space, he was the first to point out the issue of cosmic waste and was also a teacher to the most important Czechoslovak astronomers. Let us express our respect and admiration of the extraordinary scientific career of a person who worked tirelessly and continues to work. The Learned Society wishes Mr Perek health, optimism and joy in the oncoming years.


The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has appealed to the Hungarian President to support academic freedom

On Friday 19 July the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Learned Society of the Czech Republic sent a letter to Hungarian President János Ánder, in which they state their concerns regarding the situation in respect to management and funding of scientific activities in Hungary. An act, according to which not the Academy of Sciences, but a thirteen-member political committee, will decide on research, funding of scientific activities and establishment or closure of scientific workplaces, will come into force on 1 September.


The loss of Learned Society Fellow prof. Josef Koutecký

We regret to inform that prof. Josef Koutecký, a fellow of the Learned Society, a renowned physician and the founder of paediatric oncology in this country, passed away on 5 July 2019 at the age of 88. He founded paediatric oncology here in 1964 and a separate paediatric oncology department was then established at the Faculty Hospital in Motol, Prague in 1978.