Evans Robert J. W.

Prof., M.A., Ph.D.
Born October 7, 1943

  • Historian
  • Honorary Member of Learned Society since 2004

Educational and professional preparation:

  • 1952-62, Dean Close School, Cheltenham (U.K.);
  • 1962-68, Jesus College, Cambridge, B.A. Camb.
  • 1965: German, Russian, History. 1968, Ph.D. Camb.; 1969, M.A.Camb.

Employment and academic positions:

  • 1968/1973-1992, Junior/Senior Research Fellow, Brasenose College, Oxford;
  • 1992-97, Professorial Fellow;
  • 1969/1974/1990-1992, Faculty/University Lecturer/Reader in Modern History of East-Central Europe, Oxford;
  • 1992-97, Professor of European History;
  • 1997-present, Regius Professor of Modern History and Fellow of Oriel College

Membership in selected domestic scienctific bodies:

  • 1986-95, Joint-Editor, English Historical Review
  • 2001, Founding Member of EHR board
  • 1999-present, General Editor, Oxford History of Early Modern Europe. Chair, Oxford Historical Monographs Committee
  • 2001-04, British Academy, Chair, Section H9
  • 2000-present, Chair, Forum of British, Czech and Slovak Historians
  • 2000-present, Chair, Council
  • 2001-present, Oxfordshire Record Society

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies:

  • 1973, Fellow, Royal Historical Society.
  • 1984, Fellow, British Academy
  • 1995, Honorary Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
  • 1997, Corresponding Fellow, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • 1999, Fellow, Academia Europaea

Notable awards:

  • 1980, Wolfson Literary Award for History
  • 1986, Anton Gindely-Preis (Austria)
  • 1991, František Palacký Medal (Czechoslovakia)

Selected publications:

  • 2003, Editor, Great Britain and Central Europe, 1867-1914, Bratislava
  • 2002, Great Britain and East-Central Europe, 1908-48. A Study in Perceptions, London 2001, Wales in European Context. Some Historical Reflections, Aberystwyth
  • 2000, Editor, The Revolutions in Europe, 1848-9: From Reform to Reaction, Oxford
  • 1997, Rudolf II and his World. A Study in Intellectual History, 1576-1612 (paperback reprint.) London; 1998, also as Rudolf II. a jeho svět (Rudolf II and his world), Prague
  • 1998, The Language of History and the History of Language, Oxford
  • 1991, Editor, Crown, Church and Estates. Central European Politics in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, London
  • 1988, Editor, The Coming of the First World War, Oxford
  • 1991, The Making of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1550-1700. An Interpretation (paperback reprint.) Oxford 1991) 2003, Also as Vznik habsburské monarchie, 1550-1700, Prague
  • 1975, The Wechel Presses. Humanism and Calvinism in Central Europe, 1572-1627, Oxford

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